CS Design was formed in 2008 to fill the need for local, non-partial, lighting design consultation in the field of architecture. Approaching lighting design from the perspective of the architect, CS Design seeks to complement and elevate architectural designs with a simple and integrated approach. Our expertise includes electric lighting specification, custom fixture design, daylighting in buildings, and energy efficiency.

Team History 

2016 - Alicia Dávila, Bernardo Peña, Eloïse Barry, Anne-Marie Paquette, Marie-Emmanuelle Auger, Carly Rouault, Davinder Lota, Nicolas Onfroy

2015 - Alicia Dávila, Bernardo Peña, Junia-Elli Jorgji, Eloïse Barry, Anne-Marie Paquette, Marie-Emmanuelle Auger, Victor Rodrigue, Carly Rouault, Davinder Lota

2014 - Alicia Dávila, Ludovic Lefévère, Bernardo Peña, Junia-Elli Jorgji, Kim Chayer, Carla Rangel Garcia, Eloïse Barry

2013 - Andrew Hruby, Anna Rocki, Alicia Dávila, Ludovic Lefévère, Alexandra Dostie, Bernardo Peña, Junia-Elli Jorgji, Kim Chayer, Linh Truong, Marc-Antoine Bourbeau, Santiago Montoya

2012 - Andrew Hruby, Anna Rocki, Alicia Dávila, Ludovic Lefévère, Pascal Sauvineau, Sophie Charvein

2011 - Andrew Hruby, Anna Rocki

2010 - Anna Rocki

Conor Sampson – OAQ, MALD, IESNA

Conor is a lighting designer and registered architect who teaches lighting design at McGill University and sits on the board of managers of the IES (Illuminating Engineering Society) of Montreal. Mr. Sampson holds a Masters in Lighting Design from the Parsons School of Design and a Bachelor of Architecture from McGill University. He has practiced in New York, Washington, DC, and Montreal.

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Alicia Dávila – ID, IESNA
Project Manager

Alicia completed her Bachelor’s degree with Honorable Mention in Interior Design and has worked in lighting design and project management for over 10 years. An expert in interior lighting and metrics and construction coordination, Alicia has worked in different residential, health care and commercial projects, such as the “blue room” for the Angioplasty O.R., and completed numerous classroom-projects for the Hautes Études Commerciales (HEC, University of Montreal). In addition, she has also worked on the Auckland War Memorial Museum (IES Merit Award), the Goethe Institute (LEED) and a Montreal showroom (LEED).

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Bernado Peña – B ARCH, IESNA
Senior Architectural Technologist

Bernardo completed his Bachelor’s of Architecture degree at the National Independent University of Mexico. Having more than 12 years of experience as an architect in Mexico, he has worked on many projects, and with many clients, such as Mercedes-Benz. Since his arrival at CS Design, he has supported the team on a technical level, especially in regards to lighting calculations.

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Eloïse Barry - B Sc ARCH, IESNA

Éloïse Barry completed her Bachelor’s degree in architecture at the University of Montreal, including an exchange year at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of Lausanne. She also holds a diploma in interior design from the Cégep du Vieux Montreal and has worked on contractual projects independently. One of her architectural installation projects was exhibited at the CCA (Canadian Centre for Architecture) as part of the ABC: MTL exhibit in 2013.

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Anne-Marie Paquette – B Sc ARCH

Anne-Marie completed her Bachelor’s degree in Architecture with distinction from McGill University in Montreal as well as a certificate in Entrepreneurship from the University of Toronto. She is interested in manipulating our environment in order to positively influence our productivity and our well-being. In this pursuit, she has transformed classrooms and laboratories at McGill University in addition to start-up office spaces in Toronto.

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Marie-Emmanuelle Auger - M ARCH

Marie-Emmanuelle completed her Master in Architecture at the University of Montreal and a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture at the University of Laval in Quebec City including a year in Greece, at the National Technical University of Athens. Her final master’s project won the price of the ICO 2015, rewarding the sustainable integration of the architectural project to the urban context and the human scale of the building. In parallel, she has designed and built several light fixtures, sold as part of annual design events organized by University of Laval. She has a great eye for detail and a sensitive approach to the built environment.

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Carly Rouault - M ARCH

Carly Rouault completed a Bachelor of Science in Architecture and a Master’s of Architecture at McGill University. Upon completion of her Master’s degree she received the Alpha Rho Chi Medal for leadership, service and merit. Since starting with CS DESIGN she has collaborated on several projects including McGill University classrooms, Montréal’s Hotel de Ville, the CIBC tower and Place des Arts’ Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier.

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